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Founded in 2013 and built on the foundations of a 35 year family business, The Blue Croc Group is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading installers of balustrade, pool fencing, privacy screens, fences and gates. There was a hole in the market that needed to be quickly filled; a high quality installation team focused on balustrade, pool fencing and privacy screens.

It was by natural progression that we soon added custom metal fabrication, architectural features, laser cut screens, green walls, fences, gates and alike to our range. We have now identified a greater demand for expert services, and we have expanded our service offering, growing the brand into what it is today.

Seeing a gap in the rubbish removal market, the Blue Croc team developed our Croc Bag product which has quickly taken off in the market. Backed with the same high quality products and service from our team, Blue Croc Rubbish Removal has quickly become an industry leader in the rubbish removal sector.

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